Leonid Goryachev

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Leonid Goryachev, date of birth - 8 January 1947. Graduated from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute (MEPHI) in 1971. Since that time has been working in Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIIEF (Sarov). Finished postgraduate course in 1984 and got Ph.D. degree in mathematics and physics in 1985. Member of scientific council of SarFTI MEPHI.

Carried out the research work in the field of propagation of various laser beams in the lower atmosphere (post-doc thesis). Directed the experiments on high-power lasers. Designed and constructed various units of laser facilities. At his direct participation the first high power generation in oxygen-iodine laser in USSR was achieved. Those results hadn't been overpassed for a long time. Has a huge experience both in laboratory investigations and in field testings. Since 1988 teaches mathematics and physics at Sarov Phys.Tech. Institute (SarFTI). Has passed a way from the senior teacher to the professor. Was the head of advanced mathematics, general physics and quantum electronics (founder) chairs. Nowadays is the leading scientist of Laser Physics Institute at RFNC-VNIIEF and the professor of quantum electronics chair in SarFTI. Along with work at RFNC-VNIIEF and teaching at SarFTI is engaged in research of light propagation and its interaction with matter. Has more than one hundred of published works and courses of lectures.

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