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1. L.V.Goryachev, V.L.Goryachev Transfer of light by substance (PDF, 180 kb) Download

2. L.V.Goryachev, V.L.Goryachev, G.S.Rogozhnikov Possibility of elimination of diffraction phenomena in optical tools (PDF, 200 кБ) Download

Selected articles:

  • L.V.Goryachev, V.L.Goryachev "Transfer of light by substance"

  • This article explains how the speed of light is reduced in the substance from the positions of corpuscular theory. We suppose the quanta to have properties that make them interact with the atoms of substance during propagation. As a result of each interaction act the quantum “delays” inside the atom and is reradiated through some time. In optically isotropic environment the direction of reradiated quantum movement coincides with initial. The proposed mechanism allows explaining simply and evidently the phenomena of light transfer in the experiments of Fizeau with the moving liquid and in the astronomical experiments of Airy on star aberration.  Read further>>

  • L.V.Goryachev, V.L.Goryachev, G.S.Rogozhnikov "Possibility of elimination of diffraction phenomena in optical tools"

  • The article contains the short historical review explaining the origins of light diffraction phenomena including the analysis of some well-known diffraction experiments. We have shown the possibility of explanation of diffraction pictures without attraction of Huygens –Fresnel principle. We have also proved the existence of real sources of the secondary waves participating in formation of diffraction pictures. So the assumption has been made that in case of compensation of influence of secondary waves in optical tools we have an opportunity to get images without any diffraction. Results of the given work can be used for the description or a prediction of the diffraction phenomena in case of light propagation through various optical systems. Besides, given results allow to assume the possibility of creation of optical systems with the characteristics surpassing parameters of existing devices.  Read further>>